Bridging the Gap between Peels and Masks!

Bridging the Gap between Peels and Masks!

A Hybrid Peel/Mask Combo is the PERFECT stepping stone to more advanced resurfacing treatments!

Peels are essential for all successful aestheticians. There were 1.3 million chemical peel procedures in 2016, which is up 5% from 2014 and 14% from 2000.1 With the average cost of a chemical peel in a medical spa or doctor’s office averaging $673, that’s almost $1 billion of business for one procedure alone.

The newest peel combo formulations are an entirely new concept—an express facial peel combined with natural ingredients in an easy-to-apply form, such as a clay-based mask that combines AHAs, TCA's, and Mandelic Acids give fantastic resurfacing properties with benefits of clay to gently help reduce the appearance of a dull and uneven complexion. Check out Dermastart's Clay/ Mask Peels. Here's a list of a few offered.

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Sensitive Peel Cream Masque

This sensitive exfoliating Mandelic acid treatment, developed for dry delicate, low tolerant, reactive skin types. Leaves skin glowing, radiant, and naturally hydrated.

Thermal TCA Masque

This unique treatment warms on contact with your skin to penetrate deep within the pores. Encourages cellular turnover and stimulates collagen, for healthy bright skin.

Medicated Acne Masque

Medicated Acne Masque contains Prescription strength Benzoyl Peroxide and glycolic acid that helps to reduce the severity of all levels of acne.

Charcoal Masque

Bamboo charcoal ash acts as magnet to help absorb deep impurities that cause breakouts and inflammation. Charcoal eliminates aggressors, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin, as well as maximizes skin regenerating performance by allowing healthy cellular growth.

AHA/ BHA Refining Masque

Deep clean your complexion with AHA/BHA Refining Masque. Kaolin and Smectite Clays reduce oil and detoxify while Glycolic, Salicylic, Azelaic and Kojic Acids remove dead cells and stimulate the skin revealing a glowing complexion. This home treatment masque is best for normal to oily skin types, as well as aging conditions and acne prone skin. May also be used as a more stimulating exfoliant for sensitive and Rosacea skin.