banana benefits for skin

Fighting Acne is Bananas!

When you hear the word "acne," do automatically think  Bananas? Well, you should! It sounds a little odd, but there are many banana benefits for skin. No, we’re not suggesting that you mash up bananas on your client’s faces to treat their acne. This is very scientific. Our key ingredient in our BanAcne™️️ Beauty Box professional treatment products as well as the BanAcne retail product line is Musa Sapientum – Banana Fruit Extract. This ingredient is incredibly versatile.

The BanAcne™️️ Beauty Box uses banana benefits for skin in 3 specific ways.

  1. Banana Peels are a natural anti-septic, so they prevent the bacterial infections that cause acne.
  2. Banana oil contains plenty of vitamin E, lutein, and zinc, which clears up blemishes and prevents wrinkles.
  3. Banana peels contain starch that helps dry out excess oil that could clog pores and cause future breakouts.

You BanAcne™️️ in a simple 6-Step Facial with the BanAcne Beauty Box

We have created a facial protocol for the BanAcne™️️ Beauty Box that will kill the P-Acne bacteria. The Banana oil will collect harmful oxygen-free radicals. The treatment will eliminate large pores while it repairs and heals scarring. This facial is rich in Vitamin A, B-Complex, potassium and zinc. Leaving your client’s skin balanced, healthy and smooth!

  1. Cleanse skin with BanAcne™️️ Cleanser. Remove with tepid water.
  2. Exfoliate with BanAcne™️️ Polish. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and remove with tepid water. Can be used with or without steam.
  3. Proceed with extractions if needed, other wise, massage skin with the BanAcne™️️ Massage Serum.
  4. Apply BanAcne™️️ Enzyme Masque to skin and leave on 3-5 minutes. This can be used with or without steam; rinse completely with tepid water.
  5. Refresh with BanAcne™️️ Treatment Foam.
  6. Apply BanAcne™️️ Recovery Lotion. Finish with one of our signature SPF’s.

As with any skincare treatment, daily, high-quality home care is vital for your client to achieve any type of positive lasting results. The BanAcne Beauty Box comes with a list of BanAcne retail products that you can recommend for home care. Trust that the line will help your client ban acne from their life for good!