How Peptides Impact The Skin

How Peptides Impact The Skin

There are so many different verbs to describe anti-aging actions for skincare products. There’s rejuvenate, regenerate, revitalize, renew, rebuild, strengthen, repair, lift – you get the idea. If you’re an avid product aficionado, you know exactly what we mean.

3 Questions To Ask To Learn How Your Skincare Products Will Work!

Question #1: What does it take to “lift, regenerate and strengthen the skin?

This skin is composed of many different organic materials, but we’re going to lift, strengthen and regenerate the skin, there is going to need to be a conversation about protein, more specifically – collagen. When a product or a service can improve collagen in the skin – that’s when our action verbs “lift, regenerate and strengthen” come to life.

Collagen is where the money’s at in skincare products.

Question #2: How is it possible to improve collagen in the skin?

In order to answer that question, we must discuss amino acids. They are building blocks of all proteins. But more than that, amino acids act like little cargo ships for nutrients, moving and storing nutrients throughout the skin. Amino acids will also help to remove waste.

Question #3: Is it possible to find specific amino acids to perform specific jobs in the skin?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is: peptides! Peptides are chains of amino acids. These little chains can do so many things. Learning more about the peptides in a skincare product will help you understand how the product will “lift, regenerate or strengthen” the skin.

5 Peptide Rich Products

1. Regenerating Serum – Prana SpaCeuticals

Intense peptides and growth factors suspended in Hyaluronic Acid create a powerful serum that helps restore collagen and elastin fibers to increase natural hydration.

2. Age Defying Moisture – ClearChoice®

ClearChoice® has resolved all the concerns of aging. Age-Defying Moisturizer with Clinical Repair provides all day “true” hydration creating harmony with the use of Retinoids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and TCA ultimately enhancing epidermal activity. This is the every skin type solution to a healthier, more youthful appearance.

3. AGE's Repair Cream – ClearChoice®

AGE’s Repair Cream is designed to combat multiple levels of aging. AGE’s (Advanced Glycation Endproduct) is an Exclusive blend of peptides, stem cells, and amino acids that help defend and reduce the degradation of collagen. What Is Glycation? Throughout your diet, sugar molecules are released into the body’s system and migrate until they find a fat or protein cell to attach themselves to. This process creates a “web” like affect, preventing cells to maximize cellular performance. Overtime these suffocated cells slowly die off causing premature aging.

4. Nutra K2 – Prana SpaCeuticals

Nutra K2 is a potent combination of peptides, skin brighteners, and healing botanicals proven to help strengthen and improve capillary walls.

5. Vita C – B5 Complex – ClearChoice®

Vita C-B5 Complex is a unique formula that helps improve one’s tone, texture and appearance. This lightweight lotion utilizes powerful antioxidants to improve firmness. All combined with Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) and B5. Continued use will stabilize melanin production leaving your skin bright and radiant.

For more information on peptide rich products or to learn how ClearChoice® and Prana SpaCeuticals can benefit your skincare business, please call us at 1-866-589-2949.