Top 5 Skincare Products for Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Skincare Products for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s just weeks away, you’re most likely already planning for the one day of the year devoted to love and romance. While you might not be the one in charge of the date plans, you’re still trying to figure out what to wear and how to prepare for the big day. To help you with the pampering side, here are some beauty products that’ll help in your Valentine’s Day prep!

Intimate Brightening Kit

Does your intimate area need some bling? Are you unsatisfied with the dark appearance of your Hoo Haa or your underarms?, you can easily use Prana SpaCeuticals® Intimate Brightening products which can help brighten all body discoloration. The daily maintenance that women do in that region can cause discoloration. Even regular shaving the bikini area can leave horrible dark patches, while ingrown hairs can leave behind unpleasant dark spots. If you’re feeling uneasy, our Bikini Brite System can help eliminate dark spots and discoloration thanks to a useful cocktail of several acids that are safe for that sensitive area.

Revitalize Lips SPF 18

Keep your lips looking fresh and young with our Revitalize Lips that provides a barrier against damage from the sun, pollutants and premature aging thanks to a combination of useful things like antioxidants, vitamins and more! It will heal dry, chapped lips and provide a fuller appearance just in time for all the romance you’ll be indulging in on Valentine’s Day!

Midnight Kisses

And because we don’t want to leave out the guys, our Midnight Kisses is what they’ll need to get their own kissable lips! Our overnight lip mask is an elegant, non-sticky jelly that melts into parched lips to restore essential moisture all while you sleep!