Need Some Color for Your Winter Blues?

Need Some Color for Your Winter Blues?

Winter can be a difficult season for many of us, with the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping. It's not unusual to experience a bit of dryness and paleness in our skin. While we may not be able to get that golden tan from the beach, there are still plenty of ways to add some color to your complexion. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best tips for adding some color to your winter blues.

If you’re going to wear foundation every day, you might as well make it a skin-friendly one. The latest age-defying breathable SPF with a hint of color is the perfect treatment to achieve warm glowing skin. Prana SpaCeuticals® Reflect BB Crème comes in 3 fabulous shades; Sun-kissed, Medium, and Rich. Not only do they contain nourishing ingredients such as Gamma Linoleic Acids (nourishing oils similar to the skin sebum) and protecting peptides but the trend of Beauty Balm or Blemish Balms is here to stay.

Prana SpaCeuticals® launched our first tint in 2004, being one of the first in the U.S. market, now advancing into a flawless color dispersion technology; this has given us the need to offer #BBCreams in a color tone adapting coverage.

If by chance you're in need of a colorless SPF, I would suggest Sun Shield Plus or Reishi Mushroom Shield.

See our video with Philadelphia’s, top Plastic surgeon, Dr. Christian Subbio, as he talks about his favorite products and love for ingredients.

Our Products

Reflect BB Crème SPF•45

Get a hint of tint with Prana SpaCeuticals® Reflect BB Cream. This multi-tasking, weightless coverage is enough to conceal blemishes, dark circles wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Reflect BB Cream contains nourishing, long lasting corrective ingredients that help restore your skin with a natural pure finish.

Sun Shield Plus

This combination antioxidant moisturizer with sun protection is perfect for oily or acneic skin types. Using Sun Shield Plus daily will help control future breakouts and control overactive sebaceous glands. This lightweight moisturizer leaves skin looking radiant.

Reishi Mushroom Shield SPF•45

A combination (non-comedogenic) sunblock and light weight moisturizer for daily use on face, chest, hands, and arms. This SPF combines organic plant stem cell mushrooms combined with micronized zinc. These ingredients provide protection from broad spectrum rays while reducing redness and inflammation, and reclaiming skin’s immunity.