Skin care tips for the summer

Shine Bright This Fall with Skin Care Tips for the Summer

If you’re seeing lots of clients come through your spa with lots of hyperpigmentation, congested skin and really uneven texture – you’re not alone. It’s fall! What you’re seeing is the result of lots of time in the sun and very little exfoliation. Below are some skin care tips for the summer:

No Aggressive Summer Exfoliation

That’s right, every esthetician knows that we want to help save clients’ skin. During the summer when rays are stronger and exposure is longer.

During Summer we DO NOT recommend:

  • Aggressive Peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedling

We don’t’ want to over expose the skin and cause any excessive hyperpigmentation. Instead, we’ve been focusing on flooding the skin with protection. SPF and antioxidants are the summer focus.

Now Is The Time

But now is the time to start scrubbing. The excess exposure has inevitably caused some spotting. It’s also caused some collagen break down. Fun summer activities have stripped the skin of precious oils, which can do one of 2 things, dry the skin out or cause it to over produce oil. Either way the skin’s texture is far from perfect. But now that it’s fall, you can start offering clients a few home care scrubs that will help them to scrub and polish their skin.

5 Scrubs You Must Have

These 5 scrubs are some of our favorites from both the ClearChoice™ and PranaSpaCeuticals line. This assortment will treat a variety of skin types and conditions. We’ve even included our amazing lip scrub!

ClearChoice - Mini Facial

Mini Facial is an invigorating (daily/weekly) treatment encompassed with all the essential ingredients to dissolve blackheads, balance sebum production, stimulate the defense system, and recapture your skin’s youth for a radiant glow. Recommended for all skin types. Invigorating camphor scrub recommended as a 10-minute mask to reduce black head formation while absorbing excess oil to purify and refine pores.

PSC - BanAcne Polish

A refining polish that effortlessly sweeps away dead skin. Nourishing Banana Fruit Extracts and Manuka Honey help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria found deep within the pores. These highly refined banana oils provide a rich conditioning to the skin to regulate sebum production and diminish acne marks for a healthier-looking complexion.

PSC - Resurfacing Micro-Therapy Power

Resurfacing Micro-Therapy Powder is a multiplex of highly refined powders that gently resurfaces residual acne marks and alleviates future breakouts. This unique adjustable cleanser embraces the power of finely milled Japanese powders and organic ingredients. Perfect for addressing individual exfoliation needs.

PSC – Pumpkin Polish Sensitive

This revitalizing, enzymatic polish resurfaces skin, repairs environmental damage, smoothes fine lines, and minimizes irregular pigmentation. Use as a weekly regimen to help stimulate collagen and restore elastin for radiant skin.

PSC – Pop Sugar Lips

This multi-purpose lip polish contains nourishing reparative oils and organic sugar with a hint of flavor. Use daily to gently smooth dehydrated, chapped lips. Available in Orange Vanilla and Creamy Mint.

If you’d like help creating a retail assortment of exfoliating scrubs for your spa or skincare practice, we’d love to help you. These are great for home care treatments in between series of peels, microdermabrasion and Microneedling. Your clients will see exponential results when they use scrubs in between their spa exfoliation treatments. Call us at 1-866-589-2929 or email us.