Beauty Box for Mom

Show Mom Some Love with a Lavender Facial

5 Reasons Moms Will Love This Lavender Facial

It happens every year, without fail. Winter gives way to spring and the trees begin to sprout the beautiful pink and purple blossoms. As spring unfolds we look to honor the cycle of new life by celebrating Mother’s Day.

One of the most popular give ideas for Mother’s Day is a spa treatment. Many moms and mommies to be love to relax with a massage. But as any esthetician knows, every woman out there loves a spa facial that is not only relaxing but will help them look more radiant and beautiful.

We’ve created the perfect spa facial for Mother’s Day in your spa. Our P.S. Beauty Box for Mom [calming - sensitive - delicate] has luxurious and relaxing lavender infused in every step of the treatment. But it’s more than just relaxing - we have 5 reasons why the moms that come to your spa will love this restorative and rejuvenating facial.

5 Rejuvenating Reasons To Love our Lavender P.S. Beauty Box for Mom

1. Organic Lavender

Known for it’s immensely relaxing properties, lavender has many additional restorative and healing properties that allow the delicate skin tissues to nurture and heal. Organic lavender is featured in all 6 of the professional products in this facial protocol.

2. Squalane

A derivative of olive oil – squalene is one of the most nurturing and hydrating oils on the skincare market. We feature it in our Lavender Massage Serum so your clients will love you for using squalane as it’s a natural emollient that will lock moisture into their skin.

3. L-ascorbic Acid

This antioxidant will give your clients skin the power to fight off free radicals. It’s a key ingredient in the Lavender Calming Lotion.

4. Sodium Hyaluronate

A key ingredient in the Recovery Treatment Foam. Sodium Hyaluronate holds 1000 times its weight in water, helping to plump up the skin minimizing the appearance of fine lines and fighting against dehydration.

5. Blue Agave

This is an amazing ingredient in the Lavender Masque. It’s known for stimulating fibroblasts in the skin which encourages natural hyaluronic acid production helping to keep the skin hydrated and functioning at optimal levels.

Our [calming – sensitive – delicate] P.S. Beauty Box has enough professional product for 25-30 spa facials. Learn More. There is a facial protocol written on the box along with a list of recommended retail products for home care. This the perfect spring time facial to offer to the mom’s that come to your spa.