professional beauty box

Streamlining Your Spa Skincare Program with Professional Beauty Boxes

Over the past decade, the skincare department has become one of the most lucrative departments in the spa. Consumers are flocking to day spas for skincare treatments of all types. As the spa industry grows, the base of consumers expands, resulting in a greater diversity in spa customers.

For decades day spa owners and managers have had the job of building their back bar product assortment to create facials for their treatment menu. Additionally, they were also saddled with the burden of building a retail product assortment in hopes of fulfilling the needs of their client base. This has resulted in thousands of dollars in wasted back bar product and similar amounts of retail product that just sat on the shelves unsold. These decisions only became more difficult to make as the U.S spa market expanded and began to include a wider variety of consumers. Many spa owners and managers became unsure which products would be best for a more segmented consumer.

Prana SpaCeuticals has a solution for spa owners and managers. We’ve taken all of the speculation and guess work out of stocking treatment rooms and retail shelves. Our Professional Beauty Boxes offer beauty on your terms! Individualized formulas designed for the skin care professional to deliver results with a customized spa-like experience!

5 Reasons Your Spa Needs Professional Beauty Boxes

1. Convenience

We’ve made it incredibly easy for the spa owner/director. Place one order and receive every product you need to perform 25-30 facials.

2. Cost Control

It’s never been easier to track and control in room treatment costs. The Beauty Box allows the spa to micro target in treatment product costs.

3. Consistency

With a facial protocol written on the side of every Beauty Box you can be assured that every esthetician will have the information they need at their fingertips to perform the treatment exactly as it’s written.

4. Client Satisfaction

Your spa clients will receive an amazing skincare treatment with the highest quality naturally derived products. They can book with any of your skincare team and be assured of the same amazing treatment, with the same products every time.

5. Conversion To Retail Sales

Every Beauty Box comes with a list of suggested retail products that the esthetician can offer to your spa client. This will make the retail sale a natural extension of the facial.

The Beauty Boxes will take your spa’s skincare menu to a new level. You can create an entire spa menu out of the seven different Beauty Boxes that we offer.

The Beauty boxes will allow your spa to offer 5 specialty facials and offer 2 high performance add-in treatments!

Specialty Facial Beauty Boxes

High Performance Add-In Treatments

Estheticians will love performing these facials. They increase their ability to enhance the quality of the skin through only the finest, all-natural ingredients found on Earth. They will be able to help clients reach their skincare goals, because the Beauty Box will offer recommendations for home care. Daily use of Prana SpaCeutical’s powerful and potent formulations will bring about amazing results for each and every client.