After Glow Ghost peel with Nano Needling

Step One: Apply a nickel size amount of Gentle Foaming cleanser into your hands and emulsify. Work into the skin for 60 seconds. Remove with clean sponges and tepid water. Repeat to perform a double cleanse.

Step Two: In a small glass dish dispense one to two pumps of CU Hyaluronate and Stem Cell Blend. Combine together using a fan brush. Using the fan brush apply in sections on the face.

Step Three: Using your Nano needling device as directed by your manufacture and training perform nano needling, ensure you are working sections and adding more glide as needed.

Step Four: Once you have finished the Nano needling using a 4x4 pat the skin completely dry.

Step Five: Using a cotton swab apply Peel Guard to the nasal folds, eye area and corner/ outline of the lips.

Step Six: In a small glass dish dispense a quarter size amount of the Afterglow Peel. Apply using a 2x2 starting at the forehead and working you’re your way up and out apply the peel using even pressure. Once you have completed the first layer allow to completely dry before moving onto any additional layers. For this peel we recommend up to three layers.

Step Seven: Allow the peel to fully develop for 4 minutes. Using a spatula apply a quarter size amount of the Phantom Neutralizing masque into your hands a lightly massage/apply into the skin. Leave on the skin for 5-7 mins. Remove with damp sponges.

Step Eight: Lightly mist the skin with Anti-Microbial skin mist.

Step Nine: Apply a quarter size amount of Sport Shield SPF 45