Alpha Jewel w/ DermaJem

Step One: Using a Quarter size amount of Gentle Foaming Cleanser emulsify with water and massage into the skin for 60 seconds. Remove with tepid water and repeat to perform a double cleanse.

Step Two: Pour 50ml of Hibiscus Fix Solution into the reservoir and using the Hydrodermabrasion tip perform Hydrodermabrasion and extractions as directed in the DermaJem protocol.

Step Three: Pat the skin dry and apply the Alpha Jewel Peel using a fan brush ensure you are applying in an even layer on the skin. Allow 4-8 minuet for the peel to fully dry. Watch for redness.

Step Four: Using a fan brush apply an even layer of the Neutralizing masque. Let sit for 5-7 minutes to completely neutralize the skin. Massage a residual hotspot. Remove with Tepid water.

Step Five: In a small dish mix together the Alpha Jewel Serum and Stem cell blend. Using a fan brush apply to the entire face and using the Ultrasonic attachment perform for 5-7 minuets

Step Six: Apply a dime size amount of Anti Reactive Relief serum to the entire face

Step Seven: Apply a Dime size amount of Sport Shield SPF 45 to the entire face lightly pressing in until fully absorbed.

Machine Used: Anima Ares Hydro & Micro