Back of Neck Brightening w/ DermaJem

Step One:  Apply Intimate Cleansing Solution generously to a 4x4 or cotton round. And gently apply to the skin and pat dry.

Step Two: Apply a dime size amount of Hoo Haa Cleanser to your hands emulsifying with water apply onto the skin working in circular motions for 60 seconds. Rinse with tepid water, we recommend repeating twice to perform a double cleanse as necessary.

Step Three:  Perform Hydrodermabrasion by pouring 50ml of the Downunder Booster in the container and using the double exfoliation tip follow the recommended protocol for Hydrodermabrasion in the DermaJem manual.

Step Four:  In a small dish dispense 1-2 pumps of the HyperShadow Serum. Using a fan brush apply liberally to the skin, do not allow it too fully dry.

Step Five: Using the Ultrasonic attachment Move the handpiece lightly ensure the skin is staying moist adding more HyperShadow as needed and the piece is constantly in motion. Rubbing any excess serum into the skin once finished.

Step Six: Apply a thin layer of the AHA/BHA Refining Masque leaving on the area for 2 hours.

Step Seven: After two hours have your client cleanse the area with Hoo Haa Cleanser using tepid water. Gently pat dry the area.

Step Eight: Apply a dime size amount of Hoo Haa Lotion to the area lightly pressing in to the skin until absorbed.

Machine used: Anima Ares Hydro & Micro