Beet Root Peel w/ Nano Needling

Step One: Apply a nickel size amount of Mandelic Cleanser to your hands, add water to emulsify. Work into the skin for 60 seconds. Remove with damp sponges and repeat to perform a double cleanse.

Step Two: In a small glass dish dispense one to two pumps of CU Hyaluronate and a dime size amount of Stem Cell Blend combine together with a fan brush. Apply to the skin in the section you are working in.

Step Three: Set up your Nano Needling device as directed by your manufacturer/training. Working in sections Nano Needle until the skin is slightly flushed, you may need to add more glide depending on how much the skin absorbs.

Step Four: Lightly pat the skin completely dry using a 4x4. Pour the Brighten Beet Root peel into a small glass dish. Using a fan brush apply onto the skin. Ensure you are letting each layer dry before moving to the next We typically recommend waiting 30 seconds to a minuet. Allow the peel to process on the skin for 4-6 minutes.

Step Five: Dispense the Peat Neutralizing Masque into a small dish and apply using a fan brush in an even layer. You can use cold globe or cold therapy to work the masque into the skin. Allow to sit on the skin for 4-7 minutes. Remove with damp sponges.

Step Six: Apply the Beet Gravity serum on to the skin and using Ultra sonic work into the skin.

Step Seven: Apply a quarter size amount of Sport Shield SPF 45.



Send your client home with the remaining serum and masque to use as a part of their homecare

The Brighten beet root peel can be done once a week as a stand-alone treatment for three weeks.