Beet Root Peel w/ Sonic Skin Scrubber

Step One: Cleanse using Gentle Foaming Cleanser massaging into the face for 60 seconds rinse with tepid water repeat if necessary.

Step Two: Apply an even layer of the Beet Root Peel to the entire face, this gel texture peel can be applied with a fan brush or gauze depending on preference. Leave the peel on the skin for 4- minuets watching for redness.

Step Three: Apply PEAT Neutralizing masque with a fan brush. Apply an even thick layer to the skin leaving on for 5-7 minutes. If there are any Hot spots massage lightly. To remove the masque, you will turn on your Sonic Skin Scrubber and with light to firm pressure start removing the masque/ performing extractions. Once you have finished rinse the skin with tepid water.

Step Four: Apply the Beet Gravity Serum to the face. We recommend lightly pressing into the skin. *Pro Tip: Send your client home with remaining serum to use until the vial is gone for added benefits*

Step Five: Apply Sport Shield SPF 45 to protect the skin


  • This peel is a superficial/light peel your client may experience mild sloughing
  • Your client’s normal regime may be used 5 days after the peel is performed, we recommend having your clients use Lumi Enzyme + Night Therapy after the 5th day to digest any remaining dead skin.
  • When using the Sonic Skin Scrubber ensure you are using light pressure to avoid tearing the skin.