Body Brightening Boosters

Step One: Perform a Double cleanse using Hoo Haa Cleanser. Emulsify the Cleanser in hands before applying to the skin. Massage for one to two minutes. Removing with Tepid water. Repeat if necessary.

Step Two: In a small dish apply a quarter size amount of the DownUnder Booster Depending on the area you may need additional product.  using a fan brush apply in one direction. Allow the Booster to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Step Three: In a small dish pump two to three pumps of the HyperShadow Serum. Depending on the area being treated you may need additional product. Apply in sections using a fan brush.

Step Four: Once the HyperShadow Serum is applied to the desired area nanoneedle or use other modalities as directed by your manufacturer. Do not allow serum to dry and working in circular and cross hatch motions depending on the desired results and modalities.

Step Five: Apply an Intimate Heart Sheet on the area being treated let the masque sit on the skin for 7-10 Minutes massaging into the skin until absorbed.

Step Six: Apply Prickly Milk Serum onto the skin massage until absorbed.

Pro Tips:  Keep the Intimate Heart Sheet Masque in the fridge for a cooling affect.