Step One: Emulsify Gentle Foaming Cleanser with tepid water working into the skin for 60 seconds, Rinse with tepid water. We recommend performing a Double cleanse.
Step Two: Using a cotton round or 4x4 degrease the skin with Peel Activator Solution. Apply liberally to cotton/ gauze wiping over the skin using even pressure for an even application.
Step Three: Dermaplane the skin as directed by manufacturer of blades used and certification if your client is dry apply Intense moisture prior to Dermaplaning to oil plan the skin ensure you remove any remaining oil before starting the peel.
Step Four: Apply Alpha Jewel Peel or Brighten Beet Root Peel as directed in protocol if the skin becomes reactive use Arnica Recovery Gel to soothe the skin.
Step Five: Apply Dewy glow masque leaving on for 7-10 minutes massage any residual residue into the skin. *Pro tip use an ice roller or cryo globes to soothe and cool the skin.
Step Six: Mist the skin with Anti-Microbial skin mist or Hydrating Balance
Step Seven: Apply Serum from peel kit used and Stem Cell blend to skin
Step Eight: Apply ISO Moisturizer pat gently into the skin
Step Nine: Finish with Sport Shield SPF 45 lightly pressing into the skin