Down Under Booster w/ Dermajem (Underarm)

Step One:  Apply Intimate Cleansing Solution generously to a 4x4 or cotton round. Gently wipe the area and pat dry.

Step Two: Apply a dime size amount of Hoo Haa Cleanser to your hands emulsifying with water apply onto the skin working in circular motions for 60 seconds. Rinse with tepid water.

 Step Three:  In a dish dispense one dropper full of the Down Under Booster Using a fan brush apply in one direction allow to fully absorb before moving to the next step.

Step Four: Using the Hydrodermabrasion setting place a ruffle wave tip on the machine. Perform Hydrodermabrasion as recommended by DermaJem. If needed perform extractions after using the Silicon tip adjust the suction of the machine as needed.

Step Five: Move the Cold Therapy handpiece lightly along massage line (3-5 times along each line) ensure the skin is staying moist using Arnica Recovery Gel as your Glide. and the piece is constantly in motion. Rubbing any excess into the skin once finished.

Recommendation: Have your client use the Intimate Bikini Homecare kit as recommended to achieve maximum results.

Machine UsedAnima Ares Hydro & Micro