Facial w/ DermaJem 2

Step One: Perform a double cleanse first emulsify Gentle Foaming Cleanser in to the skin making sure to work into the skin for 60 seconds, remove with tepid water. For the second cleanse repeat with Mandelic Cleanser working into the skin for 60 seconds and removing with Tepid Water.

Step Two: Pour 14 CCs of the Lactic Enzyme Gel Peel into a cup and using a fan brush apply an even layer all over the face. Leave on the skin for 3-5 minuets and remove with tepid water.

Step Three: Select the working tip you will be using for your client. And add 1-2 Oz of the Equilibrium serum to the front jar. Adjust the vacuum intensity to suit your clients skin tolerability.

Step Four: Prep your wand using a gloved hand and cover the hydro-tip until you see the solution travel up the tubing into the tip.

Step Five: Perform the Hydro dermabrasion as recommended in your manufacturers protocol.

Step Six: Perform Extractions using the Spiral deep tip, adjust the suction as needed for your client’s skin.

Step Seven: lightly mist the skin with Hydrating Balance, ensure the skin is lightly damp

Step Eight: Apply one to two pumps of the Matrix Repair Serum lightly pressing into the skin.

Step Nine: Apply one pump of ISO Moisture to the skin lightly pressing in

Step Ten: Apply a quarter size amount of Sport Shield SPF 45 ensuring you are completely covering the face and neck

Machine Used: Anima Ares Hydro & Micro