Gluten Free Facial w/ Beet Root Peel

Step One: Apply a nickel size amount of Nourishing Milky Cleanser to the skin. Massage on to dry skin to remove any debris/makeup. Using tepid water emulsify and rinse off thoroughly. Repeat twice to ensure all debris is removed from the skin.

Step Two: Pat the skin completely dry. In a small glass dish dispense the Beet Root Peel. Using a fan brush apply evenly to the skin. Allow each layer of the peel to absorb for 30 seconds before adding the next layer. Allow to sit on the skin for 5-7 minuets

Step Three: using a fan brush apply an even layer of the PEAT Neutralizing Masque. Allow this to sit on the skin for 5-7 minutes. if your clients experience any Hotspots lightly massage the area.  Cold Therapy can be used at this time, Rinse with cool tepid water.

Step four: Apply the Beet Gravity Serum to the skin, you can use ultrasonic during this time if needed.

Step Five:  Apply a thin layer of Hydrating Masque + Night Therapy to the skin

Step Six: Apply a quarter size amount of Natural defense SPF 25 to the skin.


Note: if you are performing any modalities such as Hydrodermabrasion that will be done before you do the peel. Where as modalities such as cold therapy and ultrasonic can be performed after the peel with the masque or serums.