HyperShadow & Down Under Booster w/ DermaJem

Step One:  Apply a dime size amount of Hoo Haa Cleanser to your hands emulsifying with water apply onto the skin working in circular motions for 60 seconds. Rinse with tepid water, we recommend repeating twice to perform a double cleanse as necessary.

Step Two: Pat the skin completely dry and in a small dish dispense one dropper full of the Down Under Booster and using a fan brush apply in the same direction and allow to fully absorb into the skin.

Step Three: Apply the Hydrodermabrasion tip of your choice and Dispense 50ml of the Delicate Mandelic Serum to the container and perform Hydrodermabrasion as directed by DermaJem. Be sure you are not tugging at the skin and that the handpiece is gliding. Adjust the suction and Flow as needed as needed. 

Step Four: In a mixing apply a generous layer of the HyperShadow booster ensure it does not fully absorb into the skin working in section is recommended.

Step Five: Move the Ultrasonic handpiece lightly along massage line (3-5 times along each line) ensure the skin is staying moist and the piece is constantly in motion. Rubbing any excess serum into the skin once finished.

Step Six: If the client becomes irritated or inflamed apply a layer of Arnica Recovery Gel, you may keep this in the fridge prior to use for a cooling affect.

Step Seven: Apply a layer of Hoo Haa Lotion making sure it is fully absorbed.