Intimate Brightening w/ Hyrodermabrasion

Step One: Using a 2x2 or cotton round apply a liberal amount of the Intimate Cleansing solution and gently wipe the area clean from any debris.

Step Two: Apply a dime size amount of the Hoo Haa Cleanser and emulsify in your hands with Tepid warm water. Apply to the skin and work in circular motion. Remove with sponges and Tepid water.

Step Three: In a glass Dish dispense a quarter size amount of the 10% Lactic Peel. Apply using  a fan brush allow to sit on the skin for 3-5 minutes remove with tepid water.

Step four: In a glass dish dispense one dropper full of the DownUnder Booster. Using a fan brush apply in the same direction. Allow it to fully absorb in the skin DO NOT REMOVE.

Step Five: Using the Ares 4 in1 Machine select the Hydro Dermabrasion option. Fill the solution jar with 50-75 ML of the Delicate Mandelic solution. Depending on the area being performed on you may need additional solution. Once you have adjusted the flow and suction you may perform hydro dermabrasion as called for by the manufacturer.

Step Six: Ensure the area is completely dry. Apply the first layer of the Bikini Brite Peel, ensure the peel has completely dry/absorbed before moving on to additional layers. We recommend starting with 3 layers and working up to six layers throughout their treatment. THIS PEEL IS SELF NUETRALIZING DO NOT REMOVE.

Step Seven (Optional): If the client becomes reactive you can gently cleanse the area with Hoo Haa Cleanser and gently pat dry. Once dry you can apply Arnica Recovery Gel.

Step Eight: Apply a thin layer of the AHA/BHA Refining Masque. Your client will leave this on for four hours and start the Homecare kit once removed.

Machine Used: Anima Ares Hydro & Micro