Mandelic Acid Peel w/ Stem Cell Booster

Step One: Cleanse the face with Mandelic Cleanser, working into the skin for 60 seconds then rinse with tepid water. We recommend performing this twice to ensure the area is clean and free of debris

Step Two: Degrease the skin with Peel Activator Solution. We recommend using a cotton round or gauze ensure it is completely saturated and even pressure is used when applying to. This step is essential to an even peel.

Step Three: Pour 1-2ml of the Stem Cell Blend into a dispensing cup and using a Fan brush apply an even layer onto the skin. Once it has completely absorbed into the skin you may continue with your Mandelic peel.

Step Four: Pour 5-4ml of the Mandelic Acid Peel into a dispensing cup and using gauze. Dip the gauze into the solution once it is saturated apply on the face starting at the four head working down the skin in a cross-hatch motion. Ensure you are using firm pressure to apply to the skin.  *This peel is SELF NUETRALIZING. In the case of hot spots, you may cleanse the skin with hydrating cleanser rinsing with cool water. WATER ALONE WILL CAUSE THE PEEL TO FURTHER PROCESS.

Step Five: Perform Extractions or high frequency of necessary.

Step Six: Apply Sensitive Peel Cream masque using a fan brush and an even layer. Leaving on for 5-10 minutes. You can lightly massage the skin with cry globes to soothe the skin. Remove the masque using cool water.

Step Seven: Lightly mist the skin with Hydrating balance

Step Eight: Apply a layer of Arnica Recovery Gel to the skin leaving on

Step Nine: Apply Reconstructive Brightening cream to the entire face. We recommend patting instead of rubbing to further reduce irritation.

Step 10: Apply SPF we recommend Sport Shield SPF 45