ManUp Peel

Step 1: Cleanse skin with Gentlemen’s Foaming Wash. Remove with tepid water.

Step 2: Apply 10% Lactic peel as a degreaser, leave on 3 to 5 min (add steam, optional) remove with tepid water.

Step 3: Proceed with extractions

Step 4: Apply ManUp peel. Leave on. Self neutralize

Step 5: Apply AHA/BHA Refining Masque to skin and leave on 3-5 minutes. This can be used with or without steam or hot towel; rinse completely with tepid water.

Step 6: Refresh with Energizing Treatment Foam.

Step 7: Apply Sun Shield Plus and/or Beard Massage Oil, if needed for a final conditioning treatment.

Good for Open pores, uneven skin tone, anti-bacterial and recovery treatment for ingrown and post shave inflammation.

50 min. total time