Sensitive Skin Facial w/ Microdermabration

Step One: Cleanse the skin with Mandelic Cleanser emulsifying with water and massaging into the skin for 60 seconds, Rinse with Tepid water and repeat to perform a double cleanse.

Step Two: Perform Microdermabrasion as recommended in DermaJem protocol.

Step Three: Using gauze or sponges remove any residue from Microdermabrasion machine. Pour 50ml of Equilibrium solution into the container,  Using the extraction setting on the Hydrodermabrasion option perform extractions as called for in DermaJem manual.  

Step Four: In a mixing Bowl combine equal parts of Green Apple Enzyme masque and DMAE hydrating masque. Apply onto the skin using a fan brush in an even layer. Leaving on the skin for 5-10 minutes. Stem may be used. Rinse with tepid water

Step Five: Apply one pump of Sodium Hyaluronate and a dime size amount of Stem Cell Booster in a mixing bowl. Apply using a fan brush and using the ultrasonic attachment work in circular motions until the products are fully absorbed.

Step Six: Working in circular motions perform Cold Therapy as directed on the Anima Ares Machine by DermaJem for 5-10 minuets.

Step Seven: Apply half a pump of Anti-Reactive Relief serum and press into the skin until absorbed.

Step Eight: Apply a nickel size amount Sun Shield Plus to the entire face and neck.

Machine Used: Anima Ares Hydro & Micro